About Mini Pokemart

From one passionate poke-collector to another!

Trying to become the best pokemon hobby shop

Since Mini Pokemart’s inception in 2018 we have tried to become the best pokemon card and hobby shop online!

Mini Pokemart was born from my passion to bring a store to the  market that can bring other collectors together.

This is more than a store, we are a community and that is why we are proud to have you as part of our poke-collector family.

Knows about the hobby

From a collector for a collector! That is the premise of Mini pokemart... we are here to share the joy of collecting and pass the knowledge in the process 🙂

It's all about the Pocket Monsters

We live to bring you the best Pokemon cards and collectibles from the US and Japan!

Only original licensed products from US and Japan

There is a lot of fake products out there and some dubious sellers as well!

 That is  why Mini Pokemart was created. 

You’ll know that your products are 100% real becomes they come from legitimate sources and also verified by an expert collector himself…

I get it, I have been there…

You browse online just to find something amazing but the site looks scammy or maybe you made the purchase just to realize the items were fake?

That is one of my biggest fears all the time..

And that is why I created mini pokemart! Rest assured that all items coming from our store are verified and checked by me and from 100% real licensed distributors.

Who is behind mini pokemart?




I am a passionate collector, poke-maniac with a dream of creating the best hobby shop and poke-community online!

I have been collecting cards for more than 15 years and not planning to stop 🙂

Currently collecting :

  • Mewtwo cards (Mewtwo is the best! No matter what you say :P)
  • Shiny Pokemon cards
  • Japanese promos
Gengar pokemon toy

Fast shipping

We ship your items next day!

Pikachu and Mareep pokemon toy


We make sure all of our items are 100% original and licensed

Slopoke pokemon toy

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Incredible prices and offers all year round

Moltress Pokemon toy

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You know that you are in good hands... we are not your regular seller!