Limitless Q4 tournament run

Last week I competed in the limitless Q4 tournament. In this article i will go over my individual rounds and the overall meta of the tournament.

I decided to play doll stall, as it had a favorable matchup vs all the popular decks with the exception of Dragapult VMax and an even matchup up vs Pikarom. Here is a run down of what I played against each round and how each game turned out. My result will be next to what the opponent was playing. Also a tie is considered a loss in this tournament.

My tournament run

Round 1 (Pikarom) W: He got off a turn one full blitz, but during my turn i was able to set up a mew and a Ribombee. My set up allowed me to use my Bellelba & Brycen to mill both his boss’s orders therefore keeping my bench safe for the rest of the game.

Round 2 (Green’s zard) L: In this game I got off to a slow start but I almost got the infinite doll lock. Unfortunately I misplayed and forgot to switch my free retreat Ribombee into my doll allowing him to break my bench protection.

Round 3 (Rikarom) L: In this match up If I don’t mill a Boss’s orders I loose. Unfortunately for me I prized my one Bellelba and he knocked out my bench barrier mew twice, allowing him to full blitz my bench.

Round 4 (ADPZ) Tie: This matchup was super favorable for me, but since I prized my only Bellelba again I ended up getting Phione looped and we ended up tying.

Round 5 (Grimsnarl) W: I set up three Florges and my Ribombee and since Grimsnarl dose not play any way of hitting my bench, I was able to doll loop him easily.

Round 6 (ultimate Mew3) W: This game was super close because in order to win I have to mill 4 energy while keeping my deck size over 15 card for about 7 turns, in order to play around the Tyranitar tag team. I eventually got into a situation where I either draw a Bellelba or I loose, as I hit 6 heads that entire game. Luckily for me, I top-decked the card and won.

Round 7 (ADPZ) W: She didn’t play Phione, but she ran 4 marnie in her list. This basically meant that I only needed one doll in play and when I Steven’s’ Resolve I have to search for 2 cards I don’t want and one that I do want. This is because most players will hold their marnie’s and play them after I use my steven’s, so by searching for two cards ,I don’t want to draw, I thin my deck and make it more likely that I draw well off the me marnie. I search for one card I want because If my opponent doesn’t end up using Marnie, I still benefit off my Steven’s.

Round 8 (Carrocosta gx) W: He only played one boss’s orders, but he played a Cramorant. His lack of Boss’s orders allowed me to play my mew twice, making my bench safe from his Cramorant. Also I didn’t need to set up my Ribombee, because if he didn’t use his only Boss’s Orders on my mew, he wouldn’t be able to win. Since his win condition has sniping my bench with Cramorant.

Round 9 (Cincinno/Oranguru mill) L: Oranguru mill decks are considered incredibly bad matchups, since they nullify the effects of my Bellelba with their resource management attack. I almost won though, since we got into situation where if i mill his pal pad and Bellelba man out of his 4 card deck I win in the next 2 turns. Unfortunately for me I didn’t kill those two and lost.

Round 10 (Baby blown) W: He didn’t play a single copy of Boss’s orders, So all I had to do was set up my mew.

Round 11 (Ultimate Mew3) W: I ended up prizing two ribombee, so decided to try to discard his deck with my Bellelba man super aggressively. Luckily for me he didn’t draw a supporter or dedenne for three turns and I was able to discard a ton of energy and a few Boss’s orders. Leading him into a situation where he couldn’t take knock out enough of my Florges, to break the doll loop

Round 12 (Dragapult VMAX) L: He played chaotic swells, so I couldnt get down a sky pillar and by turn 4 my board was essentially empty. After this round I was out of contention for day two as I needed two wins, but I decided to play my last round.

Round 13 (no show) W

Overall my tournament run started super shaky but by the end I ended up being super close to day 2, ending my record for the day at 8-4-1.

Q4 meta

From what I heard in the discord chat and from a couple of my friends. The most popular decks were Pikarom, Blowns, control variants, and Zacian variants. You maybe asking why isn’t Dragapult in this list? Well when I was talking with my group we only collectively played vs 3 Dragapult the whole day. This maybe because it is an expensive deck or maybe people just weren’t comfortable with playing a super high skill deck.

Pikarom was probably popular because of its pure speed, consistency, and solid damage output. This deck will still continue to be dominant on the ladder.

Blowns was popular because it can one shot any pokemon while only giving up one prize. I expect this deck to also be very popular on the ladder.

Control was probably popular because most of the cards are cheap and can easily be traded for, in ptcgo. I don’t expect this to be popular in ladder, since many people either can’t play the deck well or don’t enjoy playing 25+ minute games.

Zacian V decks were most likely popular and will continue to stay that way, since they hit hard and fast while being able to take bonus prizes either through ADP or Jirachi Prism/mime.

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