Meta analysis of Rebel Clash

The new rebel clash has some exciting new cards that will most likely change the competitive meta. Here are the most competitively viable cards in order from the best to worst.

Tier ones

The first card in the tier one list is Boltund V, which for only one lightning energy can attach 2 lightning from the deck. This is important as its second attack will complement its first attack well. The second attack does 30 more damage for each lightning energy on your board. Not only does this card synergize with itself, but it also fits into the already popular “nuzzle” deck. The nuzzle deck easily gets down 6 energy on its first turn, so when paired with boltund it can do at least 120 damage by turn two. Boltund and nuzzle decks can get more damage / energy into play by using cards like koko prism or electropowers. Overall I expect a Boltund V/nuzzle deck to be the number one option when it comes meta blitz decks.

The next card in tier one is Eldegross V, which gets you a supporter from the discard pile back into your hand. This is a much needed card, in the current format; We have no way of getting a supporter back into the hand besides lusamine, which uses your supporter for the turn. Overall Edelgross will make decks more consistent and faster.

The final tier one card is Boss’ Order, which brings one of your opponent’s bench pokemon into the active. This is the same card as Lysander, which used to see a ton of play. Right now we don’t have a reliable gusting card, as custom catcher is inconsistent and great catcher can only bring up gx’s. Overall this card will be a staple in many decks and will see a lot of play.

Tier two

The first tier two card, that I will be talking about, is Inteleon-VMax. This card will almost never be one shot as it has an insane hp of 320. To add to this insane hp it has a one energy attack, which puts an energy from the opponent’s active into his/her hand. This attack will slow down your opponent just enough to charge up your second attack, which does 160 to the opponent’s active and 60 to one of their bench. When you combine the first attack with its second attack you can easily take multiple knock outs in one turn. The second attack is also good for disrupting evolution decks. For example, if your opponent has an inkay(on the bench) you can deal massive damage to their active while at the same time knocking out the inkay. Inteleon VMax has seen some success in Japan and I except to see the same results in America.

The second card in this tier is Dubwool V, which can instantly win games when behind. Dubwool’s attack does 120 + 30 for each prize card your opponent has taken. This essentially means that if your opponent has taken 5 prizes you do 270 damage. Therefor you easily knock out popular tag-teams like Adp and PikaRom. The only issue with this card is the high 3-energy attack cost, meaning that the only decks that could play this would be welder or Frosmoth decks. If you can play this card I would play it.

The next card is Ninetails V, which for three energy copies any of your opponent’s active attacks. This basically means that you can out resource your opponent, since most big attacks cost more than 3 energy. Overall there isn’t much to say about this card since it is completely based on what you opponent is playing.

Tier Three

The first of the two tier three cards is Cinderace VMax, which for two energy does 30 plus the amount of damage your opponent did to you in his/her last turn. This means you can play cards like hyper potion and mallow/Lana to completely heal yourself, and at the same time reflect the amount of damage your opponent did to you. This leads to a Cinderace VMax deck being more of a grind/stall deck, but one that still deals massive damage.

The second of the two tier three cards is Milotic V, which for three energy does 10 plus 50 for each retreat cost on the opponent’s pokemon. This card can be played with Galar mine, which is a new stadium in this set that makes the retreat cost of both actives two more. This stadium essentially adds a free 100 extra damage. I also suggest playing Milotic with the Absol that has an ability that adds an extra retreat cost to the active pokemon. In combination with these two card Milotic can deal massive damage to any pokemon.

Situational cards

One card that is super situational is super scoop up net. This card is super scoop up but with no coin flip. The issue with this card is that as of right now there is no non-gx/v pokemon that have good “when you play this card from your hand” effect. Otherwise this card would be tier one.

The final situational card is tool scrapper, which discards up to two tool cards in play. This card is only good if you want to counter malamar’s spell tags. Or if vitality band really allows your opponent to hit numbers on you.

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