Meta shift with the release of Rebel Clash

With the release of rebel clash I expect the meta to switch from decks like ADP/Zacian, Zard, and PikaRom into big VMax Decks. In this article I will go over why the current meta deck will fall and the decks that will replace them.

Explanation of why the current meta decks will fall off.

First lets talk about why decks like ADP/Zacian, Zard, and PikaRom will drop out of the meta. While APD/Zacian has solid damage, good energy acceleration, and amazing prize trade it will fall behind the big Vmax cards that can’t be one shot and will one shot the ADP or Zacian. With these two factors the good prize trading of Adp/Zacian won’t even be good and therefore the deck’s main factor will be non-existent. Like Adp, Zard and PikaRom will also fall off not because they are reliant on prize trade and damage, but because they gain advantages through speed. Zard and PikaRom rely on getting off a turn one or two attack that sets up for a big 3-prize KO, putting lots of pressure on board. The problem with this is that VMax pokemon will just one shot the pressuring tag teams, relieving the pressure off the board and taking 3 prizes. Therefore, the Vmax deck will gain a board advantage while winning the prize trade.

Strong Vmax meta contender decks

The first Vmax deck that is good is Lapras./frosmoth. With the addition of Capacious Bucket Lapras can now easily get all the necessary energy to do 280+ damage by turn 2. I have tested this deck a lot and found that running capacious bucket, energy spinner, and viridian forest gives the deck a ton of energy search, which can be dumped onto your Pokemon with frosmoth. Lapras-Vmax has a really bulky hp of 320, meaning that it can’t get one-shot by any type of Pokemon except electric. Here are some suggestions I have for making your lapras deck list:

  1. two energy retrieval (maximum)
  2. four capacious bucket
  3. three energy spinner
  4. one viridian forest
  5. four air balloon
  6. four lapras V and two Lapras Vmax

The second deck is Toxtricity Vmax/ Garbodor. Electric types already have a ton of energy acceleration in tapu koko and thunder mountain, so getting off a turn two attack will definitely be do able. Toxtricity does 160 base damage but when the opponents active is poisoned it does 240. To put on this poison you play garbodor which poisons the opponent when there is a stadium in play. To further increase your damage you can play electropower which will give your 240 attack +30 for each electropower you play. This means that you only need a toxtricity, garbodor, and one electropower to knock out a 280Hp ADP. Here are my tips when playing/building this deck:

  1. try not to tech out the deck to much as it doesn’t have much space
  2. don’t put in more than a 3-2 trubbish/ garbodor line
  3. don’t forget that poison does damage!

The final deck is Dragapult Vmax. First off, the Dragapult V card is actually pretty solid. It has a similar attack to Golisopod-Gx from burning shadows, which does 140 if it became your active that turn. This attack is really good for closing out games. Now lets talk about Dragapult Vmax, it does 130 while allowing you to put 5 damage counters onto your opponents benched Pokemon in any way you like. When you combine this with roxie,koffing, and weezing you can spread a lot of damage onto your opponent’s board. In addition to the roxie package you play Horror Physic energy which deals 20 damage to the attacking Pokemon when you are attacked. Finally you play giant bomb which deals 100 when you take 180 damage or more. Although this deck needs almost perfect play, when it is in the hands of a good player your opponent will feel like they are checkmated. Here are some deck list tips:

  1. you don’t always need to attack (especially if you play scoop up net)
  2. this deck isn’t super aggressive and is more of a control deck so try to get the most value out of each card
  3. when putting on damage counters think about what your opponents win condition is
  4. Don’t play spell tag!

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