Pokemon’s new value products

Hey everyone, Pokemon recently announced a lot new product. In my opinion almost all of these products will easily sell and will most likely be bought by me.

Zacian/Zamazenta Legend of Galar Tins

The first product, and the most valuable one, is the new legends of Galar Partner Tins. These tins resale for about 25$, have 5 packs in them, and come out on May 22. In addition to the packs you also get either a Zamazenta V or Zacian V card. Zacian V is arguably the best Pokemon card, at the moment. It lets you look at the top 3 cards and attach any metal energy there to Zacian, as well as putting the non-energy cards into your hand. Zacian V has a huge influence on the meta and will for a couple of years. Although Zamazenta V isn’t as good as Zacian, it is still a great looking card and a viable one-of-tech in metal decks. Overall these tins provide insane value(especially the Zacian one) and give collectors and players something to look forward to.

Battle Arena Decks

On May 22 comes another insanely valuable product. These products are the Battle arena decks, which give you a built Pikachu&Zekrom or a Reshiram&Charizard deck. Although we don’t exactly know what’s in the deck, we can see that you automatically get 2 Pikachu&Zekroms + a Raichu&Alolan Raichu or 2 Charizard&Reshriram + a Braxien&Charizard. In addition to the cards you get every major object ,that you would need for a tournament, except sleeves. You even get a code card to unlock the deck online. Right now these two Pokemon are at the top of the meta, so if you buy these decks then you may be able to instantly go to some tournaments and place well. If you are a beginner I highly recommend this product as it will be a fantastic introduction to competitive Pokemon.

Copperajah V Box

The next product isn’t competitively great, but it makes for a good gift or shelf sitter, as it looks visually appealing. The Copperajah V box comes with four packs, a Copperajah V, and a Copperajah V jumbo card. It dose have one okay attack that decreases the damage it takes by 30, so maybe you could put a metal frying pan on it and take 60 less damage. If you add Melmetal&Lucario’s gx attack to it you can take 90 less damage. In my opinion Copperajah is more of a collector’s item, with some competitive viability.

Charizard VMax/Grimsnarl VMax decks

These two decks probably won’t be coming to america, but I would still recommend buying them from japan. The superior of these two decks is the Charizard one. First of all Charizard cards have always gone up in price, in addition this Charizard hits for massive damage. For a relatively chargeable 5 energy, Charizard hits for 300 damage. One of the ways to charge energy is to use the coalossal card,which comes in the deck, it allows you to attach a fire and fighting energy from the discard to one of your Pokemon. Coalossal combined with welder will give you the ability to play 4 energy down in one turn, and if you include your one-energy-attachment per turn you can get down 5 energy in one turn. Next lets talk about the Grimsnarl deck. First lets talk about the Hydreigon that comes with it. Hydreigon is “deluge” for dark energy, meaning that you can attach as many dark energy from your hand to your Pokemon as often as you like during your turn. This combined with Grimsnarl VMax could make for a pretty solid deck. Grimsnarl has a base damage of 170 for three energy, but if you have 1 or 2 extra energy you do 50 more damage for each one. For example if you have 4 energy you do 220 damage. Overall the Charizard and Grimsnarl decks will be valuable collector’s items, and may see some play in rogue decks.

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