Gigantimax Charizard Deck Case and Sleeves Bundle


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This Gigantimax Charizard deck case and sleeves definitely pop up! Get this amazing bundle that contains both of them for a fantastic price and keep your cards safe from harm.

Or maybe just get the sleeves and case for your collection!

The artwork is definitely astonishing and vibrant. These unique cases and card sleeves come imported from Japan.

Believe me, you won’t find the same kind of art quality from official US licensed products.

What you will get:

  1. A Case that holds up to 65 sleeved cards and includes separators.
  2. 64 Sleeves for maximum protection.


The card sleeves are super durable, easy to shuffle, and will guarantee the maximum protection against dust and other possible environmental pollutants.

Don’t get your cards damaged, get them the proper protection they need, and make them pop with this bundle now!

Order now!

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions5.7 × 3 × 2.44 in


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