PSA Pokemon Graded Cards – Shiny Scyther


Scyther has always been an emblematic pokemon… from its first appearance in the saffari zone in gen 1 all the way to this shiny card…

You can’t go wrong with this king of the insect’s pokemon world.

Let me tell you a little bit more about this card… One of the main reasons why I like it is that Scyther’s pose resembles a mirror version of the original base set card.

Do you remember that card? It is one I have always loved!

Anyway, with only 28 PSA 10s you want to definitely grab one of these today… remember this card is:

  • Exclusive – Not so many graded cards of shiny scyther exist
  • Safe – PSA encapsulated, the card will be protected forever
  • Unique – The holo pattern that makes the shiny Pop! Look at those stars!

A little bit more about the set:

Ultra Shiny GX was a set released in Japan in Nov 2018, the popularity of the set was with no doubt an instant success

It includes 82 shiny Pokemon cards, making it the set with the most shiny Pokemon up to date.

This is a one of a kind Pokemon card so don’t let this Pocket Monster break out of its pokeball.

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  • This Japanese Pokemon card has a PSA grade (either 9 or 10), please choose the card you like from the drop down menu
  • You will get exactly the card from the picture
  • If you need to check the serial number please feel free to do so.
  • 30 days no questions asks, free returns if item still in same condition
  • Free shipping!

PSA graded Pokemon cards have many benefits:

  • Cards are encapsulated and graded by professional authenticator
  • The PSA shell protects your Pokemon cards from dust and humidity
  • Always guaranteed to be real and not fake cards

Don’t miss on the opportunity of getting this card today!

Weight8 oz


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